What Human Leaders Do Differently

Workshop 100: What Human Leaders Do Differently

In an ever-changing business landscape, being a good leader is not enough - it's time to become a Human Leader.

Are you facing challenges in your leadership role such as low productivity, a high attrition rate, or declining employee engagement?

Do you aspire to be the kind of leader who inspires, motivates, and drives your team towards success?

If your answer is yes, then it's time to change the way you think about leadership.

Today’s organizations need leaders fluent in the human element of business to connect with people, improve engagement, and drive performance. But all too often, leaders find themselves without the necessary tools to accomplish these goals.

Introducing our masterclass,
What Human Leaders Do Differently.

This isn't just another leadership course. This is a transformational experience that will redefine your perception of leadership, equipping you with the tools and strategies to tackle common leadership challenges and emerge stronger.

In this experiential and interactive one-hour masterclass, you will learn what Human Leaders think, say, and do differently to lead people and deliver results.

Packed with experiential activities and grounded in principles of adult learning, this masterclass offers a fresh paradigm of leadership excellence for our new world of work. If you want to be a stronger, more effective leader who prioritizes people, then this masterclass is designed just for you.

In this masterclass, you'll learn how to:

  • transform your leadership identity
  • challenge your leadership comfort zone
  • deliver powerful results through people
Workshop 100: What Human Leaders Do Differently

Imagine being the kind of leader who not only achieves objectives, but also inspires their team to give their best every day. The leader who knows how to motivate their team, boost productivity, and foster a culture of innovation.

That could be you after attending our masterclass.

Don't let these common leadership challenges hold you back any longer. The power to change is in your hands. Space is limited – sign up for What Human Leaders Do Differently today and take a step towards becoming the leader you've always wanted to be.

Overcome Leadership Challenges

Leadership is a demanding role, presenting multiple challenges that can hinder your team's growth and performance. Many leaders face common pain points - lack of motivation, high attrition rate, decreased productivity, and burnout among team members. These issues can lead to a decrease in engagement and performance, and in some cases, lead to 'quiet quitting', where employees gradually disengage from their work.

What Human Leaders Do Differently is the answer to these challenges.

This masterclass has been specifically tailored to address each of these pain points, providing practical solutions and strategies that can be implemented straight away.

  • Struggling to motivate your team?

    Learn how to inspire and encourage, eliminating the struggle and creating an environment where motivation thrives.

  • Dealing with a high attrition rate?

    Become a talent magnet, creating a work culture that retains star performers and attracts new talent.

  • Facing low engagement rates?

    We'll help you foster a sense of connection and enthusiasm that will lead to higher engagement and morale.

  • Is productivity at a low?

    Watch it skyrocket with our proven leadership methods that boost efficiency and output.

  • Experiencing 'quiet quitting' within the ranks?

    Learn how to recognize the signs and take proactive steps to increase retention rates.

  • Are your employees burnt out?

    Discover how to protect their mental health, avoid burnout, and maintain a balanced, healthy work environment.

  • Is team performance not up to par?

    Set your team up for success and elevate their performance with effective leadership strategies.

  • Is there a noticeable lack of curiosity?

    Foster innovation and curiosity, promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  • Do you find that people are siloed and don’t interact?

    Learn how to break these silos, create community, and foster human connection.

Become a Human Leader and transform the way you lead. Equip yourself with the tools needed to tackle these challenges head-on and emerge a stronger, more effective leader.

You’ll leave this course with new leadership tools that you can put into practice immediately. You’ll build lasting connections with like-minded peers. Human Leadership capability is the cornerstone for evolving your leadership effectiveness.


Join us in this journey and reserve your spot today!

Dr. Jennifer Nash

Jennifer Nash, PhD, MBA, PCC is an executive advisor, leadership expert, and consultant to Fortune 50 organizations such as Google, Ford, Exxon Mobil, JP Morgan, IBM, Boeing, and Verizon. She is Founder & CEO of Jennifer Nash Coaching & Consulting, helping successful leaders connect people and performance to deliver exceptional results. 

Jennifer’s 25-year résumé includes serving in executive and leadership roles at Deloitte Consulting and Ford Motor Company and as adjunct professor at the University of Michigan. She contributes to Harvard Business Review, has presented her research at Columbia University, and is a Harvard/McLean Institute of Coaching Fellow. 

She is the author of the bestselling Be Human, Lead Human, How to Connect People and Performance, a leadership book designed to elevate leadership skills and enhance individual and organizational effectiveness.


Dr. Jennifer Nash is thrilled to offer the first-ever, public offering of her popular workshop. Targeted to individuals, this fast-paced, interactive course offers participants the opportunity to elevate their capabilities for this new world of work. Have questions? Contact Jennifer today.

Jennifer Nash, PhD

How is the course structured?

  • The course is live and online, so you can select the day and time that works best for you.
  • The course contains approximately one hour of live instruction with me, including a course workbook, a personalized post-course set of activities, a daily checklist, a one-page tip sheet, and complimentary access to the online Human Leader Community.
  • You'll gain immediate access to all course materials to review at your convenience. 

Available 2024 Dates for Live Sessions: 

Wed., Jan. 17, 2024 at 12pm CT
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Tues., Feb. 13, 2024 at 11:30am CT
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Thurs., March 7, 2024 at 2pm CT
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Wed., April 10, 2024 at 12pm CT
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Wed., May 8, 2024 at 11:30am CT
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Tues., June 4, 2024 at 11:30am CT
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Price: USD $99  /  Length: 60 minutes  /  Format: Virtual

If you’ve ever wondered how you can improve performance, you’re not alone. Many leaders ask themselves this same question.

This is the masterclass that will change how you think, act, and lead to drive the results you’re seeking. Are you ready to take the Human Leader journey?

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact face-to-face with Jennifer! 

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! 


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