Top 10 Ways Coaching Can Help You

Jennifer Nash Coaching Consulting-Top 10 Ways Coaching Can Help You

You’ve watched as your colleagues, peers, leaders, and perhaps even your best friend have committed to their own coaching journeys. However, you’re still stuck in place and can’t decide if it’s the path for you. What can coaching really help you with? How do you know if it’s right for you? 

In my 20 years of working with clients, I’ve heard questions like this from many leaders and executives. Here, I’ll explain the ten most common ways I see coaching help my clients. 

1 – Realize Transformation

The transformation journey starts with making a decision to intentionally do things differently. Traveling the road less taken and creating new neural pathways takes effort, time, and patience with yourself. A coach supports you and helps you hold yourself accountable to change beliefs, behaviors and language.

2 – Be A Better Leader

You are a technical expert, but the focus on growing your technical skills leaves your people leadership skills lacking. To move up the ladder, you need to gain people leader skills. A coach who specializes in the human element of business like me can help you augment your interpersonal skills and become a better people leader.

3 – Elevate Your Awareness 

To be an effective leader, you must elevate your awareness of those around you. A skilled coach can help you accurately assess others, develop interpersonal savvy, and navigate organizational politics, for example. 

4 – Move Forward

Moving forward enables you to grow, learn and evolve. A coach facilitates your forward momentum by helping you identify and release non-serving behaviors that hold you back. 

5 – Change Your Thought Patterns

What we tell ourselves becomes our reality. To change your reality, change your thinking. Coaching can help you become aware of the stories you tell yourself and the limiting beliefs shaping your perception. 

6 – Rediscover the Magic

If you are feeling burned out or drained by your work, it’s time to assess what’s not working. A coach will help you shine a light to reveal what is not working well, and what you could change to rediscover the magic in your career.

7 – Gain Confidence

If you are feeling like an imposter, it’s likely those around you are picking up on that vibe. A skilled coach can help you surface beliefs around your abilities, identify skill gaps and practice shifting your mindset to believe in yourself and demonstrate confidence to those around you.

8 – Embrace Authenticity

You show up for work every day, but you are no longer your true self at work and it’s exhausting and uncomfortable. Coaches can help you realign your inner map with your external environment to create a new environment where you can be your authentic self.

9 – Understand Your Own Emotions

Understanding yourself is key to being an effective leader. Coaching helps you increase self-awareness and understanding of your emotional landscape. To better understand yourself, coaches help you build skills to recognize and name your feelings, describe why you are feeling them, and determine how those feelings help or hinder your desired outcomes.

10 – Trust Others and Delegate 

Leaders who delegate and relinquish control get trust, respect, and loyalty in return. Coaches help leaders identify the tasks on their plate that should be delegated, reclaim time on their calendars for strategic work, and reduce stress.

Now that you know how coaching can help, I invite you to reach out and see if we’d be perfect partners for your coaching journey. Once you’re ready to make the commitment to yourself, I suggest reading How to Get the Most Value from Your Coaching Experience so you can maximize your results.

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