May 6, 2024

“Be Human, Lead Human” Wins 2024 Book Excellence Award

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, May 6, 2024 – “Be Human, Lead Human” wins the prestigious 2024 Book Excellence Award for Leadership. This recognition underscores the leadership book’s significant contribution to thought leadership in the field and redefines the leadership paradigm for a new world of work.

According to the Book Excellence review, it’s “the definitive examination of leadership that both new and old leaders need to be successful.” This accolade is a testament to the book’s comprehensive approach, offering a blend of empirical evidence and practical strategies to foster a leadership style that prioritizes humanity at its core. The Human Leader Index™, a research-based assessment in the book, provides leaders and aspiring leaders alike with a personalized roadmap to harnessing their strengths and addressing areas for growth in their quest to lead with empathy, integrity, and vision.

Be Human, Lead Human” has not only charted a new course in leadership development but has also ignited a movement towards more humane leadership practices. This award reinforces the need for leaders to adapt, evolve, and most importantly, to lead with a deep understanding of the human dimension in their professional endeavors.

To discover how the Human Leader Index™ can transform your leadership approach, take the complimentary assessment here: For further information about “Be Human, Lead Human” or to enquire about consulting opportunities, please reach out to

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