April 22, 2024

“Be Human, Lead Human” Makes the Podium in the 2024 Axiom Business Book Awards

Dr. Jennifer Nash Wins Bronze in the Olympics of Business Book Competitions with “Be Human, Lead Human”

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, April 22, 2024 -Dr. Jennifer Nash’s groundbreaking book, “Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance,” has been awarded an Axiom Business Book Award Bronze Medal in the Success/Motivation/Coaching category.

In “Be Human, Lead Human,” Dr. Jennifer Nash challenges traditional notions of leadership and advocates for a human-centric approach to leading in today’s complex and dynamic world. In an era marked by unprecedented challenges, including a global pandemic, Nash emphasizes the critical role of empathy, connection, and trust in driving organizational effectiveness and fostering employee engagement.

The book offers a comprehensive exploration of the Human Leadership operating model, which equips leaders with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace. Through empirical research and real-world examples, Nash provides readers with practical insights and actionable strategies to enhance their leadership effectiveness and create thriving work environments.

Established in 2007, the Axiom Business Book Awards have become a benchmark for excellence in business literature, spotlighting books that provide invaluable insights and inspiration to the business community. Dr. Nash’s accomplishment places Be Human, Lead Human atop the must-read list for business professionals dedicated to effective leadership.

BookPeople in Austin, Texas, Schuler Books in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and INK by Hudson at DTW airport, have signed copies of Be Human, Lead Human in stock, further expanding reach to readers committed to driving positive change and making a lasting positive impact in the world.

Jennifer Nash is delighted that Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance is widely appreciated and is deeply honored by its recognition as a medalist in the 2024 Axiom Business Book Awards.

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