July 10, 2024

“Be Human, Lead Human” Earns Silver Award from the Nonfiction Book Awards

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, July 10, 2024 – The Nonfiction Book Awards, a prestigious program recognizing excellence in nonfiction literature, has awarded the silver medal to Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance. This accolade underscores the book’s impact on redefining leadership in a post-pandemic world.

Nonfiction Book Awards reviewer highlighted the book’s strengths, stating: “I found the book easy to read with a logical structure that moves the reader through the HUMANS™ framework (Hearing, Understanding, Mattering, Appreciating, iNspiring, and Seeing) with clear descriptions, practical applications, and numerous case studies showing how implementing these suggestions can strengthen not just a company’s culture, but its bottom line. She also includes well-curated resources for those who want to go more in-depth into the topic. I would definitely recommend it for any leader who is feeling stagnant and frustrated, because there is a better way.”

Dr. Jennifer Nash is thrilled to receive this recognition from the Nonfiction Book Awards.  The silver award validates the importance of human leadership and the positive impact it can have on both organizational culture and performance. “Be Human, Lead Human” signifies its exceptional contribution and practical relevance for today’s leaders.

For more information about Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance and insights into human leadership principles, visit www.drjennifernash.com.

Nonfiction Book Awards Silver Medallion
“Be Human, Lead Human” Nonfiction Book Awards

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