New Graduates Can Leverage These 5 ‘GIFTS’ for Post-COVID-19 Success

Jennifer Nash Coaching Consulting-New Graduates Can Leverage These 5 ‘GIFTS’ for Post-COVID-19 Success

A threatening pandemic, a volatile economy, seismic shifts in the employment landscape: This unfamiliar territory can feel overwhelming. It can be a particularly hard time for young graduates looking to find a job. An economic recession such as this can create surprise, loss of control, and uncertainty—key reasons why people resist change, according to Rosabeth Moss Kanter. However, while change invites loss, it offers possibility.

Instead of fearing the paradigm shifts that COVID-19 brings, this is an opportune time for students to hone and develop the key skill that’ll help them professionally and beyond—the ability to adapt. To be career-ready in a post-pandemic world, it’s critical to demonstrate agility and embrace change.

How do you deftly shift gears and adapt to this new normal?

I have identified 5 elements or “GIFTS” common to this large-scale change to help you transform your thinking about your career. Leveraging these GIFTS will help you adapt to dynamic market conditions, embrace change, and succeed beyond COVID-19.

Be Generous

Research from the University of British Columbia shows that generosity benefits not only the receiver but the giver as well. Generosity lowers dementia risk, reduces depression and anxiety, and improves chronic pain management. Being generous results in high-quality relationships, longer lifespan, happiness, innovation, and more.

COVID-19 has highlighted how interconnected we are not just economically but socially too. A generous individual realizes that collaboration instead of competition allows the resource pie to expand and makes room for more of us.

You should adopt a generosity mindset and seek ways to help others succeed. In doing so, you will help yourself flourish, grow, change, adapt, and learn. To succeed beyond COVID-19, think about how you can serve others and give to those around you. For instance, the small act of introducing two people over email can perhaps be a huge help to someone looking to expand their network.

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This article was first published by Harvard Business Review Ascend on May 20, 2020.

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