How I use Asana to partner with my coaching clients 

I’ve tested many project management tools over the course of my corporate career and entrepreneurial life, and Asana takes the top spot.

Put simply, Asana is a virtual checklist that helps you achieve your desired coaching outcomes. 

However, it really is so much more than that. It streamlines communication, organizes files and ensures the engagement stays on track.

As my coaching practice grew, I quickly realized email communication alone wasn’t sufficient. After trying to duct tape several disparate systems together, a fellow entrepreneur recommended Asana and I’ve been with them ever since. 

As a busy entrepreneur with highly successful clients - I don’t have time for inefficient communication, fuzzy deadlines or ineffective processes. Business tools I choose to use MUST simplify my life. Asana does exactly that - for me and my clients. In addition, it also:

  1. Organizes and outlines each coaching engagement phase
  2. Ensures everyone has a shared understanding of information and progress
  3. Maintains open and organized two-way communication in one place
  4. Creates momentum due to visible progress and clear due dates 
  5. Optimizes time spent on coaching and growth, rather than process and details
  6. Tracks deliverables and sends reminders for unfinished activities
  7. Serves as your virtual memory box for coaching journey accomplishments

Today I would like to offer you a quick introduction to Asana and a brief overview of how I use it to collaborate with clients.