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Dr. Jennifer Nash Bio

Jennifer Nash, PhD, MBA, PCC is an executive advisor, leadership development consultant and author who partners with Fortune 50 executives to achieve performance goals driving positive business outcomes. Select clients include: Boeing, Exxon Mobil, Ford Motor Company, Google, IBM, J.P. Morgan, and Verizon.

A recognized expert in leadership, coaching, and behavioral 360 assessment, she founded Jennifer Nash Coaching & Consulting, a global advisory, coaching, and consulting firm after a 25-year career in industry and professional services.

Jennifer earned her MBA from the University of Michigan and her PhD from Case Western Reserve University. She taught over 700 rising leaders at Deloitte University and is a research fellow at the Weatherhead School of Business. She serves as an Executive, Leadership, and Career Coach at the University of Michigan and is a fellow at the Harvard/McLean Institute of Coaching.

Dr. Nash's work is published in Harvard Business Review, LinkedIN, and select academic journals. She serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Michigan and has presented her groundbreaking leadership and coaching research at Harvard University and Columbia University. Jennifer is the author of the bestselling book Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance.

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Be Human, Lead Human

How to Connect People and Performance

A radical disruption of leadership thinking and practice for the post-COVID world.

Research suggests only 12% of American employees have confidence that their leadership is equipped to lead them forward. This rampant distrust between employees and leaders is the result of outdated leadership models, and today it only serves to hamper organizational performance. In the wake of seismic operating shifts, technological advances, and a global pandemic, workplaces are forever changed—and what used to work no longer yields the same results. Without appropriate human and relational skills, leaders lack tools to effectively lead, leading to burnout, disengagement, high stress, unfulfilling work, and quiet quitting.

Throughout a 25-year career in industry and professional services as an executive, advisor, and consultant, Dr. Jennifer Nash recognized that the solution to advance leadership capabilities and enhance individual and organizational effectiveness is to gain fluency in the human element of business.

Based on her work with thousands of leaders helping them connect people and performance to deliver exceptional results, as well as her empirical research, hands-on practice, and iteration, she created the Human Leadership operating model—a tool designed to elevate human and business performance.

In her upcoming book, Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance (May 2023), Dr. Nash reveals the innovative Human Leadership approach. She offers readers an actionable framework to transform their leadership thinking and practice, engaging humanity and human connection as the cornerstone of organizational effectiveness.

Dr. Nash enables readers to measure their leadership skills, identify their goals, and expand their toolkit through a personalized, actionable roadmap. Readers will learn how to see, think, and perform in powerful new ways. Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance is a clear must read for leaders with the courage to disrupt the status quo, be human, and transform the world.


“In her engaging, easy-to-read style, Jennifer demonstrates why her leadership thinking is on the radar of every top thought leadership organization today. This book is timely and relevant as leaders seek effective tools to thrive in a post-COVID world. To unleash the power of your leadership potential, read Be Human, Lead Human today.”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and two-time #1 Leadership Thinker and New York Times bestselling author

“Through storytelling and a superlative ability to amalgamate the seemingly chaotic constructs behind the science of leadership, Dr. Nash provides accessible and practical guidance to leaders at all levels with an empathetic underpinning. Her narrative is forthright in word choice yet erudite in its well-researched and referenced work. An enjoyable and useful read at any stage of your leadership journey.”

J. Manuel Ocasio
Chief Human Resources Officer at Luminis Health

“Jennifer shares principles and practices of human leadership as well as compelling stories from professionals in Be Human, Lead Human. She reminds us that people skills are not soft at all; rather, they are essential to effective leadership and driving performance outcomes! Masterfully written and thought-provoking for new and seasoned leaders alike, Be Human, Lead Human should be on every organization's executive and professional development resource list.”

Yolanda Royall-Williams
Vice President of People & Engagement at Wireless Vision

“Leadership has long been celebrated and revered as a hero's journey. Now more than ever, the world needs leaders to be human at work so everyone else can be fully human too. Be Human, Lead Human is a must-have resource to evolve your leadership to include being a hero while being human in the twenty-first century and beyond.”

CB Bowman
CEO Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC), Courage Consultant, MCEC, CMC, MBA, BCC, speaker, author, facilitator

“In Be Human, Lead Human, Jennifer shares honest, witty stories of human leadership from her own career as well as stories from clients and colleagues. Nash is a thoughtful writer, a connected knower, and a servant leader. The post-pandemic world has blown the door wide open for a new, better way to lead. This book should be on every leader’s shelf so they can take a deep look inward to help navigate the path forward as they lead their organization into the future.”

Dr. Avina Gupta
Senior Principal: Leadership Development at Chick-fil-A

“Decades ago, people in leadership positions claimed great prowess in creating strategy and managing investor returns. People woke up to that shortsightedness. Leaders lead people! People drive the business; create new products and services; and develop, retain, and delight customers. Engagement numbers even before COVID showed a major motivation crisis throughout the world. Through engaging stories of real leaders who make a difference, Jennifer reminds us that it all comes down to listening, empathy, caring, and inspiring the people in an organization to be amazing!”

Richard Boyatzis, PhD
Professor at Case Western Reserve University and co-author of the international bestseller Primal Leadership and the new Helping People Change

Be Human, Lead Human is packed with actionable advice and tools to help you lead more effectively. You'll learn how to map your journey as a leader, assess your skills, and develop a strategic roadmap to inspire your team and achieve powerful results.”

Dorie Clark
Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Long Game and executive education faculty at Duke University Fuqua School of Business

“In Be Human, Lead Human, Nash shares detailed practices of human leadership using compelling stories from her professional experience, captivating the readers with thought-provoking insights that encourage them to transform their leadership techniques. Nash's book is an excellent resource for every organization's executive development program.”

Dr. Lilian Ajayi Ore
Chief Learning Officer, Top 100 Learning and Talent Development Executive, and Founder of