Leadership Development

World-class organizations understand that prioritizing the human element in their business increases employee engagement and creates positive seismic shifts throughout the world. Are you interested in creating people-first organizations that drive results? Explore the development resources below to begin your organization's human leadership journey.

Human Leader Journey - Workshop Series The preferred development solution for organizations prioritizing people

Human Leadership Workshop Series

What Human Leaders Do Differently

Are you ready to accelerate your leadership?
This session is an engaging and fast-paced introduction to Human Leadership, a research-based approach to elevating performance. Inclusive and interactive, participants will learn about the ten key principles of Human Leadership and how to operate as a Human Leader.

This workshop is designed for organizations and successful leaders who put people first, prioritize professional development, and want to make workplaces and the world better for all.

Leadership By Design

Could your organization benefit from stronger, more effective leaders? In this experiential and interactive two day workshop, participants will create a personalized, actionable strategy to transform their leadership. Designed for high-performing leaders, this workshop offers individuals the opportunity to strengthen their leadership, equip their Human Leadership toolkit, and better lead themselves, others, and the business.

Powering the HUMANS Element

Could your organization benefit from a Human Leadership approach? The research-based HUMANS framework developed by Dr. Jennifer Nash illustrates how. In this live and engaging half-day group workshop, participants will learn how to design immensely human interactions, apply the framework dimensions, and connect the relational dots between people and performance.

Interpreting the Human Leader Index

How do your organization’s culture and leaders exemplify Human Leadership? Based on the empirical research of Dr. Jennifer Nash, the 67 question Human Leader Index (HLI) can help you answer these important questions. In this hands-on, two-hour workshop, participants will evaluate their Human Leader savvy, identify specific actions, behaviors, and beliefs to cultivate, and practice their Human Leadership skills real-time. Participants (and their chosen feedback provider) must complete the HLI prior to the workshop. This workshop is intended for organizations seeking to develop professionals as Human Leaders. (Note: A 60-minute, private 1:1 HLI debrief is also available.)

Developing a Human Leader Action Plan

Prerequisites: Leading Yourself First, Discovering the HUMANS Framework, and Interpreting the Human Leader Index
Are your leaders ready to achieve even greater performance? Using personalized data from previously completed workshops, participants will craft a customized Human Leader Action Plan (HLAP). They will clarify where they are on their Human Leader journey, adjust their desired outcome as needed, and identify steps and milestones to help them move toward Human Leadership mastery. This three-hour workshop also includes two virtual 60-minute, group touchpoints at one and three months post workshop completion date for additional support.