Jennifer Nash, Coach Consultant

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Below is a list of my current and upcoming audio courses on Knowable.  Many of my clients find these courses useful and my hope is that you find it the same.

Discover Your Why - Coming soon!

Are you seeking more fulfillment and sparkle in your life, or accelerated performance at work, but don’t quite know where to look? In this experiential course, Jennifer will help you dig deep to discover your why. You’ll learn how your motivators and needs influence your behavior, thinking, and decision-making. Short, high-value pre-and post-work activities offer you curated tools to align your inner and outer worlds, find purpose in your work, infuse your relationships with meaning and joy, bring excitement and zest to your life, and rediscover the magic of your why.

Discover Your Why Original
Develop a Growth Mindset

Develop a Growth Mindset - Coming Soon!

Understanding that our thoughts directly impact our behaviors and actions is critical to personal growth, intrinsic fulfillment, and career performance. Based on the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and adult learning, you will surface and release limiting beliefs keeping you from achieving your goals. We create empowering beliefs to help you move forward and gain traction on your career transition. After completing this session's activities, you will understand what has been keeping you stuck, how to let go of what no longer serves you, and how to develop and leverage a growth mindset.