How to Design a Career That Fulfills You

How to Design a Career That Fulfills You

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Today, I’d like to introduce you to Tammy Gooler Loeb

Tammy is the author of the recently published, award-winning bookWork from the Inside Out: Breakthrough Nine Common Obstacles and Design a Career that Fulfills You.

She is also a career and executive coach, speaker, and facilitator focused on career satisfaction and leadership development. 

Tammy’s weekly podcast Work from the Inside Out showcases career transition stories of real people seeking meaningful work.

What was Tammy’s dance through life?

Tammy has always been passionate about helping others. However, she struggled to incorporate that passion throughout her early to mid-career experiences.

She worked in a few different industries, and in a variety of roles, such as higher education administration, public policy analysis and fundraising, and mental health services.

Tammy discovered coaching at 40 years old. When she realized she could combine her passion for helping with the profession of coaching, she knew she had finally found the right career for her. Today, she loves her work as a highly successful coach who helps others build careers they love. 

Changing careers is on everyone’s minds right now.

The Great Reshuffle is in full swing. Nearly 57 million people left their jobs between January 2021 and February 2022. Professionals everywhere are questioning what they want their next chapter to look, be, and feel like.

In this era of employment and in this moment in history, people are realizing that they no longer need to chase what their external environment tells them, such as a certain salary or lifestyle. 

They’re beginning to look inward to decide what they want for and from their professional lives. 

But often, this internal look reveals thinking and beliefs holding them back from growth.

What are you telling yourself about your career options? 

Tammy says: “People often tell themselves stories about their career options that limit or block their growth opportunities.” 

Stories, for instance, like, 

  • “I’m too old to go back to school”
  • “I have too many responsibilities to make a change in my career right now,”
  • “I’ve worked all these years on this one path. How could I possibly deviate and go in another direction now?

Tammy says these fears or self-created stories can be pivot points rather than obstacles. She shares actionable steps on how to move past them in her book, available on Amazon.

What can you learn from Tammy and her message in Work From the Inside Out?

Tammy says: “It’s okay to know that you want something more or something different. It’s also okay to not know what your future career looks like.”

Her book, Work From the Inside Out, illustrates the stories of 22 professionals and how they made career decisions about whether to leave or stay. Most importantly, she highlights how they effectively transitioned from one career to the next. These stories offer insight to inform and inspire people considering a career move.

If you’re in the market for a career transition and want to learn more about how to design a career that fulfills you, watch and listen to our conversation below. 

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