Get Unstuck with Shira Miller

Get Unstuck with Shira Miller

Today, allow me to introduce you to Shira Miller.

Shira is a two-time TEDx speaker, Certified Executive Coach, and the author of Free and Clear: Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want. She writes numerous articles about well-being at work and at home, and serves as the chief communications officer at a $2B company.

Shira’s Dance Through Life

Shira is an optimist—not by nature, but by choice. “At a young age, I deliberately started choosing optimism and daydreaming about possibilities for myself and those around me,” Shira says.

Like all of us, Shira’s dance through life is full of highs and lows. She attended a great college and built a successful career, but she also experienced major struggles in both her personal and professional life. It was through these struggles that Shira discovered what she calls her “ultimate superpower:” a keen ability to get unstuck and emerge stronger and happier than ever before.

Over the last few decades, Shira has transitioned from financial ruin to prosperity, chronic health challenges to a constant state of wellness, obesity to sustaining a healthy weight loss, divorce to lasting love, and an unfulfilling career to a purpose-driven life.

“I learned that no matter what challenges or obstacles lie ahead, I can get unstuck and thrive,” she says.

Today, Shira is dedicated to teaching this superpower to others.

The Commonalities of Getting Stuck and Unstuck

As Shira worked to overcome each ordeal in her life—including the 2008 recession killing her small business and being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2013—she began to think critically about the moves she made each time it became apparent that she was stuck. She quickly noticed similarities, effective shifts, and specific tasks she could articulate as a step-by-step process of getting unstuck.

Her curiosity piqued, Shira decided to put her observations to the test and conducted independent research to better understand which key factors hold people back. Over a three-year period, she interviewed more than 100 individuals who overcame disruptions and intense challenges. The insights she discovered were illuminating.

Shira says, “It became clear that certain patterns hold people back time and time again—and that taking actionable steps can help all of us break free from undesirable situations. I realized that original research, dovetailed with my personal experience, created a body of knowledge that could help others get unstuck from whatever is holding them back.”

Thus, her book was born. Free and Clear: Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want teaches readers how to shake what holds them back and build the life they crave. It serves as a roadmap to help people who are ready to make lasting changes break that cycle of stuckness and thrive, both personally and professionally.

No Time Like the Present

In a post-pandemic world, more people are feeling stuck than ever before.

According to the Gallup Global Emotions 2021 report, the negative experience index score for 2020 reached its highest point in the survey’s fifteen-year existence. The survey, which tracks participants in more than a hundred countries, found that 40% of adults had experienced worry or stress the previous day. That five-point increase from the previous high represented nearly 190 million more people globally.

According to a December 2020 article in Time magazine, the COVID-19 pandemic “caused a widespread existential crisis.” Multiple concurring challenges prompted people to reassess their lives, and many realized they weren’t happy.

Now is the time to do something about it—and Free and Clear is the perfect place to start. In it, Shira provides a step-by-step process for getting unstuck and maintaining that trajectory for good.

“It’s never too late to get unstuck and reach for more meaning and fulfillment,” Shira says. “You are in charge of your life. Whatever relationships, obligations, or ties you have with others, whatever challenges you face, you are ultimately in the driver’s seat of your destiny.”

You can find Free and Clear: Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want on Amazon. For a quiz to help you discover what’s making you stuck—and how to free yourself from it—visit Shira’s website

To learn more about the power of getting unstuck, watch and listen to our conversation below. 

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