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I’m Dr. Jennifer Nash, an executive coach, startup advisor, …

Choice Magazine December 2021

An Extraordinary Book for an Extraordinary Time

Review of Janet Harvey’s “Invite Change” for Choice Magazine

Change – the only constant in our lives.

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Seven Steps to Improve your Professional Judgment

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The Alphabet of Organizational Culture

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What Are Your Personal Values?

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Emerald Insight

Focusing on the Human Element: Effective Coaching in the Digital Age

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Advancements in digital technology, collectively known as Industry 4.0, are profoundly changing dynamics in multiple industries. …

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How to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

In today’s world, information constantly bombards us. Studies suggest that we consume over 34 GB of data each day. So …

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How to Develop Influence Skills While Working Remotely

Influencing others is a key skill to build rapport, meet shared goals, and get work done effectively. It’s an important …

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5 Strategies to Gain Control of Your Life

Crises such as COVID-19 create upheaval and change in our lives. So why do some people fiercely resist change whereas …

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5 Ways to Embrace Uncontrollable Change

A threatening pandemic, a volatile economy, seismic shifts in the employment landscape: This unfamiliar territory can feel overwhelming. It can …