Career Coaching Sessions

1 : Discover Internal Drivers

Your personal "why" forms the basis for your entire career journey. We work from the inside out to identify factors that stoke your intrinsic motivation, keep you effortlessly engaged in your work and serve as rocket fuel to launch your career transition journey. After completing this session's activities, you will have a personal VIP list. This personalized document will help you assess viability of future career paths with your internal values map.

2: Explore External Motivators

This session seeks to understand what motivates you from an external perspective. We work from the outside in to identify environmental rewards that motivate you, keep you striving for that next level, and influence your decision-making. After completing this session's activities, your curated Job Satisfaction Index (JSI) reveals your external motivators. This personalized JSI will help you assess viability of future career opportunities with your external environment.

3 : Understand Strengths

The strengths session creates space for you to begin designing your career with purpose and intention. Research shows that it's your interests, not your abilities, that are your long-term competitive advantage - and they're the energy that powers your career. In conjunction with data from your internal and external career coaching sessions (if selected), we use CareerLeader results to form the basis for self-understanding of strengths. After completing this session's activities, the strengths connector map (SCM) will shine a light on your unique combination of skills, motivators and interests to help you gain clarity on your best-fit career trajectory.

4 : Identify The Dream

Envision yourself like Picasso and paint a picture of your ideal dream career. This session leverages the latest findings from cognitive neuroscience, visual intelligence, somatic coaching and positive psychology to help you think big, focus on the possible and create your dream career! You will learn how to turn on your reticular activating system to realize your dreams. After completing this session's activities, your Visualization for Results Action Plan (VRAP) and Measurable Action Plan (MAP) create a roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to go.

5 : Develop Strategic Prioritization

Using both quantitative and qualitative lenses, we prioritize data gathered from the first four career coaching sessions (if selected) to help you with career decision-making going forward.  When you use values to make career-related decisions, you send out positive energy which the universe returns, and your inner and outer worlds effortlessly align. You will feel a sense of calm, focus, and confidence that propels you forward.  After completing this session's activities, the strategic prioritization tool (SPT) will serve as a quick reference tool for you to effectively evaluate and assess future career opportunities.

6 : Conduct Due Diligence

Finding your perfect job can be overwhelming without a strategy and structure in place. This session offers a seven-step framework for conducting job search due diligence. After completing this session's activities, you will be prepared to effectively identify, evaluate, measure, compare, refine and select your best-fit job opportunities.

7 : Develop Growth Mindset

Understanding that our thoughts directly impact our behaviors and actions is critical to personal growth, intrinsic fulfillment, and career performance. Based on the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and education, we surface and release limiting beliefs keeping you from achieving your goals. We create empowering beliefs to help you move forward and gain traction on your career transition. After completing this session's activities, you will understand what has been keeping you stuck, how to let go of what no longer serves you, and how to develop and leverage a growth mindset.

8 : Realize Your Best Self

We often struggle between being our true, authentic selves and who others think we should or ought to be. This session offers clarity on the distinctions between the three selves and a tool to identify where you fall on the self spectrum.  It will help you understand what you need to hold on to and what you need to let go of to become your best self.  After completing this session's activities, you will have a personal vision that enables your highest, best self to achieve your career dreams and the success you've been seeking.

9 : Enhance & Expand Professional Network

Your professional network is the key to helping you build your brand, become recognized in the market, and expand your professional reach. In this session, we identify your existing network, clarify where you want to be and come up with a plan to help you transition between your existing and desired states. After completing this session's activities, you will have a customized 10-step plan to cultivate relationships and build your professional network.

10 : Discuss Informational Interview Strategy

Informational interviews are one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to conduct a career transition. In this session you will learn why this is a critical skill for your life and career,  what to consider when designing an informational interview and best practices for conducting the interview. After completing this session's activities, you will have selected a list of initial interviewees, created an interview agenda, and gained confidence in your ability to conduct effective informational interviews.

11 : Explore Personal Brand

In this age of social media, digital transformation, and remote work, creating your online personal brand has never been more important. As you work toward your dream job, how do you want to stand out and distinguish yourself from other job candidates? This session takes a deep dive into personal branding for today's digital recruiting world. After completing this session's activities, you will have a strategic plan designed to help you stand out from the crowd, highlight your unique strengths, and create a cohesive social media presence.  

12 : Create Strategic Career Roadmap

The strategic career roadmap session is designed to help you get from where you are in your career transition journey to where you want to go. Using data from the first eleven career coaching sessions (if selected), you will clarify where you are on your career transition journey, target your destination, and identify milestones and checkpoints to help you search for and secure a new role. After completing this session's activities, you will have a strategic career roadmap to focus your efforts, measure your progress and move you closer to your dream job. 

13 : Conduct Verbal Resume Review

A well-crafted, compelling and succinct resume presents a polished, professional image to recruiters and hiring managers. This verbal resume review session will help you enhance and refine your resume using best practices from top business schools, recruiting thought leaders, and the latest thinking in SEO, ATS and digital branding.  After completing this session's activities, you will have refinement suggestions for your existing resume, know how to tailor a resume for each job application, and learn how to craft an authentic,  compelling story that helps you stand out from other applicants. 

14 : Perform Verbal LinkedIn Profile Review

In today's digital world, 95+% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. Given this, it's essential that you have a LinkedIN presence to showcase you, your brand and your accomplishments. This verbal LinkedIN profile review session will help you streamline and refresh your online brand. During this review, we address your entire LinkedIN profile, from your headline to your groups.  After completing this session's activities, you will have recommendations to improve your LinkedIN profile, suggestions to help you gain recruiters' attention, and tips to help you gain more profile views.

15 : Conduct Verbal Cover Letter Review

Although it may be tempting to submit a resume without a cover letter, particularly given the prevalence of e-mail, it's NOT recommended. In fact, research shows that 83% of HR professionals think cover letters are essential for hiring decisions. As a result, it's critical to create a customized cover letter for each job application. This verbal cover letter review session will help you refine your cover letter to link your knowledge, experience and abilities with the company's needs.  After completing this session's activities, you will have a comprehensive framework to craft current and future cover letters.

16 : Prepare For Strategic Interviewing

Congratulations - your resume, cover letter, and due diligence have gotten you an interview! Now what? Sign up for this coaching session and learn how to put your best foot forward before, during and after the interview.  We will cover the strategic five "G's" of interviewing during this 30-minute phone session. After completing this session's activities, you will have a strategic plan in place to help you prepare prior to interview day, confidently execute the interview, and follow up post-interview. 

17 : Conduct Technical Mock Interview And Debrief

You've made it to the technical interview portion of the interview process - congratulations! If it's been a while since you interviewed, select this coaching session to refresh your interviewing skills.  We will go through a technical mock interview adapted to your target role and then debrief the experience. After completing this session's activities, you will gain confidence in your interviewing capability, practice answering questions in a simulated interview environment, deepen awareness of your interview strengths, and pinpoint areas of focus for future practice. 

18 : Conduct Behavioral Mock Interview And Debrief

Great job - you've landed an interview for your dream job! If the thought of interviewing gives you pause, or if it's been a minute since you interviewed for a job, select this coaching session to sharpen your interviewing skills.  You will experience a behavioral mock interview accompanied by an interview debrief. After completing this session's activities, you will learn the purpose of the behavioral interview, gain feedback on your performance from an interviewer who has personally conducted thousands of interviews, and build your interview muscle.  

19 : Develop 90-day Success Plan

Congratulations - you landed the job - now what? If you're like most of my successful clients, you'll want to demonstrate that you are a top performer by hitting the ground running on your first day. This coaching session will help you create a game plan for your first 90 days in your new job. Setting concrete goals and a clear vision for each stage of your plan will help you smoothly transition into your new organization. After completing this session's activities, you will understand how a 90-day plan can positively impact stakeholder perceptions, create a personal 90-day plan, and have actionable steps to launch your career in your new role.

20 : Succeed at Working Remotely

With so many organizations requiring or offering work from home scenarios post pandemic, it's critical to be able to work from home. This session will help you set yourself up for remote work success. We will address topics such as how to structure your space and your day, or where to get social interaction to Zooming like a pro.  After completing this session's activities, you will be prepared to work from home, participate in Zoom calls, and connect with your coworkers while physical distancing.

21 : Introduction to Consulting Case Interviews

You're in B-school and have decided to recruit for a full-time role or internship in consulting. Alternately, you have decided to transition into consulting from another industry. In either case, you'll need to master the consulting case interview to be successful at getting an offer. This introductory session gives you a streamlined overview of the consulting case interview, its structure and its purpose in the interviewing cycle. After completing this session's activities, you'll deepen your understanding of the 'why' behind the case interview and be prepared to crack cases like a boss.

22 : How to Crack the Consulting Case

You understand the format of a consulting case interview, its purpose and weight in the consulting firm's decision-making process . However, you are overwhelmed by online information, haven't cracked a case yet, and aren't sure where to start. This session offers a strategic framework to crack a consulting case. (This framework was used during the interview process with a big-4 consulting firm and resulted in a full-time offer).  After completing this session's activities, you'll learn how to structure your case cracking approach, how to set yourself up for success before and during the case, and how to bring the interviewer along on your case journey. 

23 : Tips to Crack the Consulting Case

You've been cracking practice cases like a boss, but want to take your game to the next level. This session gives you tried and true tips to up your game. We'll also cover the most common mistakes candidates make and how you can avoid them. After this deep dive into consulting case-land, you'll be ready to crush even the toughest consulting cases like a pro.

24 : Conduct Consulting Case Mock Interview And Debrief

Well done - you landed a coveted interview slot with a big consulting firm! Now you need to bring your A-game to stand out from the competition. This coaching session will help you hone your consulting interviewing savvy.  You will experience a mock case interview tailed to your functional area accompanied by an interview debrief. After completing this session's activities, you will understand how to tailor your case approach, gain feedback on your performance from a former big-4 consulting recruiter, and receive additional case interview tips and resources to enhance your interview performance. Please note that pre-work for this session requires you to have cracked a minimum of 30 consulting practice cases.