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Coming 2022

Leading with Heart: The Human Element of Business

We make it hard to lead with heart. We put conditions on ourselves as if we are putting on armor before the war. We acquiesce to the unwritten cultural rules within organizations. We get busy with meetings for others and forget to meet with ourselves. We focus on projects and tasks rather than people and hearts. We don't see the signs when they are right in front of us, begging to be seen. We don't hear others, because we aren't present. We don't understand others, because we are busy making sure we are understood. We don't acknowledge others, because it means we have to acknowledge that we ourselves aren't acknowledged as often as we’d like to be.

We listen to our negative self-talk and convince ourselves we won’t be accepted if we show up with authenticity. We don’t feel safe at work and build protective walls around our hearts instead of leading with them. Simply put, we are afraid to be our true selves at work. And when we spend an average of 90,000 hours working throughout our lifetimes, how is this any way to live?

There must be a better way - and now there is. Leading with Heart: The Human Element of Business is your go-to book for elevating your leadership, driving results, and delivering value.


Leading with Heart will help you:

  • Learn how and why the role of a leader is changing for the 21st century
  • Build the requisite human and relational skills to lead effectively in a digital world
  • Authentically Influence and motivate others
  • Shift focus from projects and tasks to people
  • Create, nurture, and sustain relationships in life, leadership, and career


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