Behavioral 360 Assessment

The HUMAN 360™ Are you still assessing leaders like it’s 1999?

Traditional, automated online 360 degree surveys lack the deep, meaningful, qualitative feedback that leaders need to be more effective in today’s complex business world. Rather than numbers or a letter grade, a human 360 assessment offers leaders an intensely personal, thorough, and uniquely customized roadmap to professional development. 

With over 15 years of experience in qualitative interviewing and empirical research, we meet with your stakeholders to gather transparent and unbiased feedback. Our Human360™ assessment equips leaders with the knowledge of how and what to transform to become the Human Leaders they are meant to be — that you, your organization, and the world so desperately need.

Package includes:

  • Virtual Behavioral 360 Interviews (up to 12)
  • Customized Behavioral 360 Report (up to 25 pages)
  • Personalized Behavioral 360 Report Debrief Session (1 hour)
  • Option to add Executive Coaching (3, 6, or 12 months)
  • Consulting

    Human 360˚

    Better decisions, productive relationships, greater success.

“I’ve always been frustrated by my 360s in the past because they lacked clarity. Jennifer’s data-driven, Human 360° process is the first time I received actionable feedback regarding what AND how to change to become a stronger, more effective leader. After just several months of working with Jennifer, my leader report card went from a B- to an A”

– Senior Executive in Automotive industry

The Human 360˚ delivers high-impact, deeply personalized, and actionable results. Through a data-driven approach combined with executive coaching, leaders take action faster, make positive change, and enhance performance.

The Human 360° Service Overview