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Happy 2023 and welcome to Year 2 of my LinkedIN newsletter!

I’m so excited, because today is the day I finally get to share my extraordinary news with you. And I don’t just have one or even two, but I have three things to share. Are you ready?

Drum roll please …

#1 – My book’s title is:

Be Human, Lead Human: How to connect people and performance

#2 – My book launches on:

May 9, 2023

#3 – My book’s amazing cover design is:

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Book Jacket cover design by Amy King

Why did I write this book?

I wrote this book for:

  • leaders at all levels who want to be stronger, more effective leaders
  • professionals of all ages who desire meaning in their work
  • executives in all roles who seek to create a human-first culture
  • change agents who want to revolutionize the entire talent lifecycle
  • humans who want to make the world – and the world of work – a better place

Why is Be Human, Lead Human so important?

I am so excited to share Be Human, Lead Human with the world, because there is no shortage of opportunity to put the human back into leadership, reduce burnout, decrease stress, strengthen engagement, foster connection, and improve lives.

Who helped me along the way?

After years of research, analysis, and writing, I finished the manuscript in February of 2022. But that was truly just the beginning of this entire process. I’ve learned it really does take a village to birth a book.

Huge thanks to Darnah Mercieca and @Lauren Kish for keeping the various project management pieces of the publishing puzzle running smoothly. 

Shout out to designer @Amy King who designed this captivating cover for me. I’m so stoked – she took my vision and gave the book its own unique personality. Amy did an amazing job and I absolutely adore this stunning cover 🙂 

Kudos to @Elizabeth Trach, who brainstormed this awesome title with me that so beautifully reflects the book’s depth and breadth.

Your Turn! 

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While you’re there, have a look around to discover what Marshall Goldsmith and others have to say about Be Human, Lead Human. Pro tip: You may even discover a special surprise.

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Be Human, Lead Human launches May 9th, 2023. I can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks. 

Banner design by Jodi Hersh of Orange Star Design.

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